Olympic Pride, American Prejudice Makes Debut at LAFF

 In Post, Sound

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In 1936, eighteen African American athletes were torn between competing in Hitler’s Olympics and making a stand for themselves and their fellow countrymen. Writer and director Deborah Riley Draper has tackled this topic in a compelling new historical documentary Olympic Pride, American Prejudice. Using news footage, photographs, and personal interviews, Draper unveils a moving story about the indomitable human spirit in the face of adversity and racism.

We are honored to be working on the post-production of this film with the director and executive producers. Draper won Best Documentary at the African American Film Critic Awards in 2013 for her film Versailles 73: American Runway Revolution and brought Olympic Pride to Trailblazer Studios for post-production in 2015.

We’re thrilled that this insightful documentary is making its debut at the LA Film Festival on June 4th. You can get your tickets here!

See the trailer here. You can follow the film on Facebook and Twitter for updates about screenings.

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